Recent Undergraduate Theses from the Louisiana Scholars' College


Boyd, Roxanne               The Effectiveness of Different Methods of Implanting PIT Tags in Red Swamp Crawfish (Procambarus clarkii)

Breaux, Meghan             Cytomegalovirus Dissemination

Cholvitee, Savannah       The Effect of p53 Protein on Epidermal Cell Propagation: Relevance to Tumor Suppression

Deniakos, Jacob             Ignored: The Role of Dentistry in Modern Medicine & Social Health

Engel, Krysta                  Analysis of Poly(T) tails at the 5' Ends of Truncated Mobile Elements in the Human Genome

Fage, Joshua                 An Analysis of Platelet Function in Murine Colitis Using the  Low-Angle Light Scattering Technique

Foster, Lucia                  Barriers to the Implementation of Electronic Health Records

Gibson, Megan               Jane Austen and the Carnivalesque

Guidry, Eric                    Graffiti Removal

Haeuser, David Ford       Spectacle Theatre: From Ancient Greece to Cirque du Soleil

Holloway, Staci               Legitimate Power and Illegitimate Acquisition

Lafayette, William          Why So Scared?  How Individual Elements of the Horror Film Affect Fear Score

LaGrone, Stephanie        Investigating Carapace Color in Red Swamp Crayfish, Procambarus clarkii

LeBlanc, Christian          The Role of Manifest Destiny in the Hawaiian Revolution of 1893: An Interpretation of the Blount and Morgan Reports

Mayeux, Sara                Oncolytic Virotherapy: Targeting Adenoviruses to Treat Breast Cancer

Mills, Ginny                   Angiopoietin-2: Its Effects on Blood and Lymphatic Vessel Formation, and Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Robinson, Justin           Tenseless Time: Opportunities for Compatibilism

Schwenk, Amy               A Soliton Theory Model for Memory

Shelton, Paul                Executive Abstentions: Passive Aggression or Apathy?

Williams, Brianna          The 35th President of Rome: Media, Propaganda,and the Classical Image of John F.  Kennedy

Winbery, Brenda           The CSI Effect: Do Forensic Television Series Influence  Potential Juror Expectations

Wingfield, Kayla            In Vitro Reactivation of the Silenced Tumor Suppressor Genes  MAC25 and LOT1 in HT29 by Inhibition of Sirt1 Activity


Abbott, Sarah M            True Womanhood in the Criminal Justice System

Authement, Megan        La Pulpa: The United Fruit Company in South America

Carrell, Brendan P         Neo-Conservatism: An Obituary for an Ideology

Chachere, Corey A        A Model for Conditioning an Analgesic Placebo Effect in Rats Using a 2.5% Lidocaine HCl Topical Anesthetic Gel and the Tail-Flick Test

Culotta, Brittany            Did You See That?: The Problems Caused by False Memories

Doucet, Sophie C.         Language Within Our Grasp: How Language Evolved Through Manual Gestures

Duncil, Amanda R         Magical Realism in Latin American Literature

Espenan, Courtney       Small Business Closures of a Rural  College Town: National and Local Influences

Fincher, Kayla Alys       Esperanto: La Lingvo Universala

Hammett, Lynda         Antiquities from the Getty to Roman Courts:  Illicit and Preventative Measures

Johnson, Jason S        Social Grief and the Ghost Dance

Lake, Christina           If you (Re)build It, They Will Come: the "Harvey Way", Historic Preservation, the Railroad, Women's History, and the Making of the American Southwest

Loridans, Henri          Statistical analysis of grades and other influencing factors for NSULA's Student Evaluation of Instruction: what instructors assume, and what the data show

Mehl, Cameron          Acetylation of the Dishevelled Protein-Helping to Define the Mysterious Signal Transduction Protein Affecting Tumorigenesis

Menard, Rachelle       Platonism: A Thing of the Past?

Menard, Toni             An Analysis of How Ordinary Germans Reacted to Nazi Anti-Semitism, 1933-1939

Nezat, Nicole             Poverty and Passion: The Evolution of Appalachian Women's Fiction

Nuss, Joshua             Go Down, Moses: The Evolution of the Negro Spiritual in Choral Music & the Contributions of Moses Hogan to the Genre

Oyelowo, Tiffany        Sexual Harrassment Law: Problems and Proposed Solutions

Robichaux, Elizabeth       Ancient Mathematics of  the Aztec and Maya Indians

Sadler, Sarah            Factors Associated with Relationship Satisfaction

Scott, Jessica            No, I'm Not Voodoo;I Just Play One on TV!

Springer, Mark F.       Victory in the Peloponnesian War: The downfall of Sparta

Williamson, Elizabeth           Physical Androgyny in Japanese Performing Culture: Separating Reality and Fantasy

Wilson, Whitney          The Impact of Slot Machines at Louisiana Downs on the Riverboats of Shreveport-Bossier City


Bourgeois, Janell        The Evolution of East Indian Cultural Dance: How Bharata Natyam became Bollywood

Emfinger, Amanda     Comparison of EPA Methods 3040A (Kerosine Dilution) and 3051 (Microwave-Assisted Acid Digestion)

Harwell, Emily            GCMS Analysis and Comparison of Electronic and Tobacco Cigarettes

Hebert, Mary             Construction and Analysis of a Stage-Classifies Matrix Population Model of the American Alligator (Alligator mississippiensis)

 Jester, Ryan             Speaking the Self: Incaration of the Proper Name in Language

Jones, Zech               Are We There Yet? Examinig LGBT Communities Hrough Learnng Environments

Marks, Christian         Cellular Localization of TRPV2 and Molecular Mechanisms of TRPV2 Translocation

May, Kyle                  Is French Toast?: The Fall of French as the Leading Lingua-Franca

Morrison, Matthew      Magic Is Might: Literature as Political Dissent in Modern Discourse

Quirk, Jeremy            Genetic Modification of the Wild-Type Adenovirus Serotype 5 Backbone Plasmid

Sabala, Amanda         A Vampire You Can Take Home to Mom: An Exploration of the Vampire Character from the 19th Century to the 21st

Scott, Jasmine           Can Positive Thoughts Reduce the Incidence of Illnesses and Disturbing Conditions?

Sykes, Amanda          Needle Art: Crochet and Knit Clothing from 1900 to 1955

Willis, Sylvester         Good God?: A Critical Analysis of the Consequences of the Euthyphro Dilemma

Wright, Stephanie        Exploring Academic Motivation Using the Five Factory Model of Personality and Academic Self-Efficacy